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April Blog 2016

Great News! The Riccar Company and The House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums now bring you a cordless vacuum. I think we have all been in the situation at one time or another, where we are vacuuming a room and the cord is just not quite long enough. Stopping for just the last little bit of carpet and changing to another outlet is time consuming and frustrating. You will never have that problem again!

The Riccar company (one of the last vacuum manufacturers in the great USA) has introduced a new cordless Vacuum. The team at House of Sewing and Vacuums has extensively tested this new vacuum and it has passed our greatest expectations. The House of Sewing and Vacuums in Vancouver WA is excited to introduce and carry this lightweight, easy to use, cordless vacuum cleaner. No winding up of cords. No running over a tangled cord. And, no running out of cord before the big job is done.

Riccar Cordless Vacuum Battery
One of the best things about this light weight vacuum is the battery. Battery technology is changing rapidly. Riccar has put a 44-volt lithium ion battery into this cordless vacuum cleaner. This Riccar cordless vacuum runs for 60+ minutes without a charge and requires relatively very little charge time.

Ease of Use Riccar Cordless Vacuum Features
Our cordless Riccar vacuum is light weight, powerful, and just the answer to the frustrating cord issue. This vacuum also sports a metal handle tube, wheel axles, and upright stop.

Riccar Cordless Vacuum Bag
It uses a self-sealing genuine HEPA Media vacuum bag which traps dust up to 99 microns.

The little extras on this Riccar cordless vacuum cleaner add up to great functionality. It has a deluxe hand grip, built in squeegee for bare floor cleaning, an ultra-bright LED headlight, no scuff wheels, and a convenient stair handle for stair cleaning.

Now for the best part… The House of Sewing and Vacuums has them in stock at an introductory SALE price. I encourage you to come in for a demo. You will be amazed!

See You Soon,

Frank Smyth
House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums
Vancouver WA 360