Blog May 2017

By Frank Smyth Owner

House of Sewing machines and Vacuums. Hazel Dell Washington.

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Hi all,

For my May blog I am going to share with you a few ideas about Embroidery Machines. There are basically two (for the home sewer) types on the market. A combination (sewing/ embroidery) machine and a standalone embroidery machine.

One drawback to the combination sewing/embroidery machine is that when you are embroidering a design (your sewing machine capability is tied up). You can’t use a combination machine for two task at the same time. So project management can become an issue.

In this blog I am going to focus on the standalone embroidery machine. Just as quilters like to have two sewing machines…. Again the project management! Those of you who love to embroidery might find the stand alone to be the ticket.

We prefer the Janome machines for many reasons. Most importantly Janome offers the greatest amount of choices. Currently they offer 4 domestic models! Janome is a leader in standalone embroidery machines. Their machines offer the most options for the highest quality equipment!

When you are choosing a standalone machine always consider the size and availability of the different hoops. Some machines are limited to a 4X4 hoop size. Just like needles… different sizes for different projects make a difference for the success of your project. Most designs are drawn at 5X7.

Another consideration after hoop size is format. Don’t purchase a machine that only reads one type (JEF, Pes, etc) of format file. (Technology is moving swiftly). Also, consider the method of design transfer. Such as do you need a cable or PC cards, or will your machine allow you to transfer designs at all?

You defiantly want a large capacity USB capable machine. So make sure you are investigating software capability and if it allows you to add the digitizing choices that are out there.

Here is a great idea for you: Simply come into House of Sewing in Hazel Dell. Let us help you navigate down the winding trail of choices associated with embroidery machines. We promise we will help you select the next machine that you are sure to Love.

Until next time.