Maytag M1200 Vacuum – a Gold Standard

Remember the old commercial about the “loneliest repairman in the world”? The Maytag repairman younger folks may not but the gist of it is the Idea that any appliance made by Maytag never needs to be fixed. The truth is anything that moves can need repair. But the fact is that Maytag does indeed set the gold standard. Now I am pleased to announce that Maytag now has 3 premium Vacuum cleaners on the Market starting at just $299.00! They have the best warranty out there that we stand behind HERE IN OUR STORE! Check out these features, and come by for a Free Demonstration.

Maytag M1200 The ultimate in cleaning power, the M1200 from Maytag features the patented M020R™ Dual intake system with two individual motors working together to provide continuous suction and maximum agitation for a superior cleaning performance. Six stages of advanced filtration trap dust, dirt, and pet hair in a single poof-proof bag that holds 20 times the capacity of typical bagless upright vacuums.

  • M020R™ Dual intake system utilizes a clean air motor and direct air motor for maximum suction power and agitation, and an unbeatable cleaning performance
  • Six-stages of advanced filtration, including charcoal odor filtration, locks in microscopic dirt and dust particles into a self-sealing bag system for maximum cleaning and poof-proof bag disposal.
  • Pet Hair Purr-fect cleaning performance easily picks up pet hair and dander
  • Bag capacity holds 20 times the dirt and debris of typical bagless upright vacuums
  • Full bag indicator keeps you vacuuming confidently until you actually need to change the bag
  • Easily move between carpets and floors with the press of a button
  • Up to 17-foot cleaning radius with on-board tools and telescoping wand
  • Dependable quality with metal brushroll and bottom plate components
  • Generous 35-fot cord provides hassle-free cleaning
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
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