The Oliso Smart Iron: The Coolest “Hot” Iron on the Market

The average person doesn’t give much thought about their Iron but lots of people who care about quality results do.

When I was growing up the iron in our house was one of my mom’s prize possessions! We had two irons. one for sewing and one for the kids. If you have ever come between a quilter or sewer and their iron, you know you could lose an arm! A good iron is an integral part of any home and sewing room.

We have all gone to a box store and purchased a “twenty dollar “iron that usually spits out iron partials or rusty water onto material after about a year. And they usually don’t really work well after the first month!

An Iron is a tool. I look at it as a specific tool for a specific job. (Perhaps my mother was right; two irons might be in order). We all know Ironing is a job. With the right tool the job can actually be a pleasure, as well as getting the job done efficiently and quickly.

The best Iron on the market today is Oliso. Have you ever heard of the Oliso Smart Iron? They created the unique “itouch” technology in the ironing industry. Oliso has cornered the market for Quilters and the home users.

Oliso features an extra-long cord for large projects, an extended auto-shut off system with fast reheat feature. The fast reheat feature means you can alternate from press iron, to sew, and back to press again without worry that the iron has cooled. It has more steam holes for a larger consistent flow of steam. The Oliso Smart Iron can be used in the upright position for garment steaming!

Now here is the cool part: The patented itouch system means that all you have to do is touch the handle and the iron lowers off of its unique legs to the garment. When done ironing simply let go of the handle and the iron eases off the garment onto the stable legs. The itouch eliminated the need to raise the iron sideways. Now that is Cool!

You are going to spent a little more money but the efficiency, quality, durability and performance of the Oliso Smart Iron more than pays for itself. There is more good news: You can get the Oliso Smart Iron right here at The House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums in Vancouver WA

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Frank Smyth
House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums, Vancouver WA