Hello Bloggers!
While it is not polite to toot your own horn but we at The House of Sewing have something to crow about. For the second year in a row House of Sewing has been chosen for the best of Vancouver awards( as Sewing Machine repair service company of the year). While this is a very flattering to us we also want to be the Best new Sewing machine sale business of the year. Unfortunately they don't have that category. We will just be happy that our loyal customers know we are the best. Thank You to our customers!
More good news We have partnered up with one of the most knowledgeable Sewing instructors of the entire Northwest. If you haven't hear of Seam Diva's Sewing Lounge let us introduce you to the owner Helen Bartley.
Helen's extensive knowledge of sewing began at her mothers knee at the ripe old age of 6. Her knowledge and passion for sewing has grown ever since. Seam Diva's Sewing Lounge specializes in teaching all levels of Sewing to Children and adults alike.Helen will teach you haw to fit any commercial pattern to your unique shape by using the Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting method. She does this process using a one measurement method.
We are so very proud to recommend Helen as our superior quality instructor for all of our customers. Thanks Helen! helen@seamdivas.com (tell her we referred you and we will give you a free spool of Mettler thread)!
Happy Sewing
Frank Smyth-Owner