Hi All!
Today we are going to blog about TRENDS.
As the start of a new school year quickly approaches (and people everywhere are dragging out their Sewing projects) Here are a few trends to get the creative sewing spark flowing.
A simple definition of a Trend: 1. a general direction of change: a way of behaving, etc, that is developing and becoming more common.
2. Something that is currently popular or fashionable.
Some trends are quick to enter and peek while other trends are timeless. I have listed some timeless trends that are currently in revival and “trending” again. I have selected some current trends in sewing and crafting to share that may be surprising to you but they are definitely trending.

Trends in Sewing and Crafting

Geo-Metric shaped: Example: Radiant star shapes sewn in colorful fabric is very popular.
Pet-Projects: This includes Dog beds, playful pet collars, bow ties and pet pillows. Pet possibilities are endless.
Cork: Yes ,you can buy Cork fabric and sew it into fabulous totes, wallets ,bags etc. Cork is the super hot trend right now!
Bags: Sewers are making gorgeous bags and carry all’s out of chalkboard fabric and (insul-shine) reflective insulated lining, becca bags and more. Almost any recycled material can be sewn into some type of bag.
Exposed Zippers: Exposed zipper’s are probably the most trending item of all. Using contrasting color fabric (for example black exposed zipper on a whit fabric) White tap zipper on beige or dark colored fabric gives a stunning look.
Insects: The Birds and Bee’s and butterflies are super hot right now!
Fox: people love the fox print right now. Not trending for now, leopards, cheetah and zebra. Today it is the FOX!
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Order today and stay with the trend.