“Walking Feet”

I Thought I would share some information with you regarding “Walking Feet”. Do you know what a walking foot is? A walking foot can be a truly amazing thing when used on your sewing machine.

Feed Dogs

Basically, all sewing machines feed fabric with your feed dogs. (Feed dogs are located under the presser foot). Older machines used a pointed feed dog. Newer feeds are knurled and some are much more sophisticated with multiple feeds broken into up to nine sections. The one thing they have in common is that they all feed fabric from under the foot.

Anyone who sews has experienced the frustration of puckering and having to help certain fabrics feed through by pulling it to assist the feed process. (Think about Heavy, Flat-Felled Jeans)! The walking foot is designed to eliminate this problem. Walking foot sewing machines have been around quite some time originating from full commercial industrial factory machines.

Walking Feet are a set of feeds that feed from the top of the fabric, as well as from the bottom of the fabric. Walking feet gives the sewer a lot of new options. For instance, when trying to match top and bottom fabric with plaids or stripes. When we start two pieces of fabric, we want the seams to line up perfectly when we reach the end.

Remember all fabric has “give” to it. The bottom piece of fabric feeds differently than the top piece of fabric because the feed dogs are trying to push two layers of fabric. The top layer of fabric is ever-so slightly dragging against the bottom of the presser foot resulting in an uneven feed and the seam not lining up.

AHHH… enter “walking feet”. Next blog, I’m going to shed some light on the many different types of walking feet systems that are now available.

Stay tuned,