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This blog is a continuation from last time with a conversation on sewing machine walking feet. By far the best sewing machine walking foot system on earth is one that is built into your machine from the factory.

Although several manufacturers are trying to come out with machines featuring a “built- in” walking foot they are new players on the block. The industry gold standard with built in walking foot is the Pfaff (IDT) brand.

The Germans were the first on the market to perfect and patent this amazing feature over 40 years ago. To this date no competitor can touch these machines. Coveted by quilters and sewing enthused all over the world. Every serious sewer owns at least one Pfaff with the IDT feature. Sewing with a Pfaff built in walking foot is like the first time you ever used power steering in a car. The difference is unbelievable!

If you are not lucky enough to own one there are aftermarket attachments available to fit almost all sewing machines. The attachment feet don’t compare to a built-in IDT foot but it is better than nothing.

I have noticed a lot of REALLY CHEAP attachment choices on the Market. Don’t waste your money on a cheap sewing machine walking foot. Most of the customers that come into our store that have purchased a cheapie attachable walking foot find out that (not only they don’t work very well) they break after very little use. A good, well made walking foot attachment that will hold up and last, and will cost between $30.00 to $50.00 dollars. These attachments fit onto your machine like a presser foot but do require a little maneuvering.

The walking foot attachment works off of your needle bar. As the needle goes up and down so does the walking foot. They are designed with little teeth that help feed the fabric from the top. Just remember that the bottom feeds are still doing the work. You can understand the role of timing and perhaps imagine the slight timing difference with built-in verses attachment.

House of Sewing and Vacuums carries a wide variety of available sizes for your machine. We can help you fit them to your machine and show you how they work. If you come into the store take five minutes to look at a PFAFF with IDT (built in walking foot) and let us show you how they work. These Pfaff machines are feature packed. They start at just $599.00. This might be the start of something big!

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Frank Smyth