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Frank Smyth - Sewing Machines and Vacuums in Vancouver WA

Frank Smyth – Owner & CEO

Frank's story is the House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums story. It is a second generation, family owned business that has been in the same location for 35 years. Frank Smyth Sr. started as a young salesman for the Singer Sewing Machine company in 1951. He decided to open his own store in 1978, hiring his son, ... Read more


Frank Smyth – Owner & CEO

Gary Rael is our General Manager at House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums. He is also our head sewing machine service technician. When you enter our shop, you'll most likely see him through the window of his workbench. He's able to keep an eye on what's going on in the retail area of the store as he is working on repairing or refurbishing your special ... Read more


Justin Krank, Vacuum Technician Supervisor

Justin Krank is our Vacuum Technician Supervisor atHouse of Sewing Machines and Vacuums. An avid movie buff and mountain biker, Justin has been an outstanding team member here for over ten years, Justin has an extensive working knowledge of vacuum cleaner parts, service and repair for every vacuum cleaner ever made! ... Read more


Margaret Johnson, Customer Care Associate

Margaret Johnson appears to be a quiet, task oriented service professional who keeps the retail area of the shop clean and organized, but when you get to talking with her, you'll find she has a surprising fountain of creative ideas to share! Margaret is the sister of our CEO, Frank Smyth Jr., so she is also an ... Read more
Margaret Johnson - Sewing Machines and Vacuums in Vancouver WA


DeAnn Altree, Sewing Educator

DeAnn Altree is our Customer Care Manager and Sewing Educator. She loves quilting, quilt shows and spoiling her grandkids. DeeAnn's enthusiasm for sewing and quilting gives her an innate ability to teach and demonstrate the latest machines and techniques to you.